As technology advances, so do the tools available to inspectors tasked with assessing a home’s condition. More and more home inspectors are using aerial drones as a tool during the inspection process. Drones offer high-resolution images and allow inspectors to access and assess difficult-to-reach areas of a property easily. Here are a few of the uses of drones in home inspections.

Safety Benefits of Drones During Home Inspections

Drones provide a safer, faster alternative to traditional methods of inspecting roofs that are in poor condition. Flying a drone is particularly valuable when assessing older buildings or areas where access is difficult due to obstacles or weather conditions.

When the roof is in good condition, the inspector will usually walk the area, looking for problems. However, when a roof is damaged or deteriorating, a drone offers the ability to inspect the roofing and eliminate the risk of falls or other injuries.

High-Quality Imaging & Data Collecting

Drones are equipped with quality cameras to provide detailed, high-resolution images. A home inspector can use these images to better assess the condition of the roofing materials, chimney, dormer windows, and skylights.

Improve Efficiency with Drones in Home Inspections

A drone inspection can cover more areas in less time than traditional methods. The drone allows an inspector to quickly and easily inspect hard-to-reach places that would otherwise be difficult to assess.

More Detailed Reports

Drones can provide full visual coverage of the entire area without blind spots or limited angles, giving the user a better view of specific components of the home, including the roofing system, windows, guttering, and upper-story windows.

Drones allow inspectors to quickly get an up-close view of the roofing materials and other important features like flashing and gutters. The high-quality images assist inspectors in identifying problems like drainage issues, structural defects, and even pest infestations.

You’ll learn more about the property and will receive images to reference.

Overview of the Land

Talk to your home inspector about drone footage of the entire property. If you’re purchasing a large tract of land or a home you’re not able to tour, drone footage will give you an idea of the layout of the land.

When it comes time for a home inspection, consider hiring an inspector who uses drones to assess the property’s condition. Drone inspections offer numerous benefits, including greater efficiency and detailed reports containing valuable insights into the home. You’ll learn more about the property you are purchasing and can feel confident in your investment.

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