Your garage can serve many purposes, though it’s intended purpose is to be a shelter for your cars. Some households use it as a laundry room or workshop. No matter how you use your garage, it likely collects things faster than other parts of the house. Here are some tips for garage storage that will keep your garage tidy and functional.

Declutter First

Before organizing your garage, declutter it first. There are probably a lot of items that ended up in your garage because there was no dedicated place for them in the house. Now is the perfect time to consider whether you really need those items or if they are just taking up space.

Garage Storage With Plastic Bins

The best way to keep smaller items organized in the garage is by storing them in clear, plastic bins. You can find bins that snap shut in a variety of sizes. They neatly stack on top of one another and are easy to access when placed on shelves. Clear bins make it easy to see what is inside, but it is also a good idea to label them in case you can’t see all the items.

Use the Walls for Garage Storage

Use the walls for garage storage so that you will still have room to park your cars. Install a pegboard for hanging small tools. Use metal shelving against the walls to place your labeled and organized plastic bins. Attach mop and broom grippers to the walls that can also hold hoes, rakes, and shovels.

Overhead Platform

If you have a small garage, an overhead platform is a practical garage storage solution for large items that you don’t use often. These might include seasonal items like holiday decorations or kayaks. You can mount a rack to the ceiling or hang a platform that uses a pulley system to lower and raise it. A pulley makes it so you don’t have to climb a ladder and you can easily access the items stored on the platform.

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