Are you concerned about the humidity in your home? Too much humidity has the potential to cause costly damage and create unhealthy mold. Let’s take a look at these issues and how you can improve them.

Use Exhaust Fans to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

Use the exhaust fans installed in your kitchen and bathrooms. Environments with humidity levels above 55% can grow mold within only 48 hours. Turn on the exhaust fans while showering and cooking to keep the humidity down. 

Check and Protect Crawl Spaces

Inspect your crawl space for standing water. If it is damp or has puddles of water, use fans to dry it out. Use a polyethylene ground cover for crawl spaces with dirt floors. The crawl space is often where mold originates and spreads through the home. 

Use a Dehumidifier to Prevent Humidity in Your Home

Buy a dehumidifier if the humidity in your home rises above 60% on a regular basis. A portable dehumidifier will dry out small problem areas, like bathrooms. Install a whole-house dehumidifier on your HVAC system if the humidity is high throughout the house. 

Avoid Boiling Water

On very humid days, you should avoid boiling water in the kitchen. Steam is released when water is boiled, raising the home’s humidity level.

Use Your Dryer

You might be adding humidity into your home if you hang wet clothes inside. Clothes add moisture to the air as they dry. Poor ventilation will only make the problem worse. Hang your clothes outside instead or use the clothes dryer.

Clean Air Conditioning Filters

Using your air conditioner is an excellent way to reduce humidity in your home. Clogged or dirty AC filters will hamper your AC unit’s ability to function correctly. Check your filters often and replace them every few months.

Use Less Hot Water in the Shower

Long, hot showers increase the humidity level in your bathroom. You can combat this issue by either shortening your hot shower times or using cooler water. You also have the option of using low-flow showerheads that help keep the humidity from building up as quickly.

Benefits of Lower Humidity in Your Home

Besides making your home more comfortable, here are some other benefits of lower home humidity. 

  • Reduces the opportunity for mold to grow
  • Discourages allergens and dust mites
  • Prevents rotting structural elements

Use the above tips to reduce the humidity in your home. Your home will stay in better condition with lower humidity levels. 

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