As the weather grows warmer, you may be spending more time on your porch, patio, or deck. This is the perfect time of year to make updates to create an outdoor living space that suits your needs. Here are a few ideas to improve the deck or patio.

Install a Privacy Wall

If your patio or deck feels wide open, look for a portable privacy wall at your local hardware store. There are models on wheels and some that fold for storage. Add the privacy wall along the side of your patio facing your neighbor’s lot, and your outdoor space will feel more contained and cozy. If you enjoy the patio with the privacy wall, you may want to add a more permanent vinyl or wooden fence.

Add a Pizza Oven

Many homeowners enjoy grilling on the patio. Take things to the next level with a pizza oven. There are portable, tabletop models that allow you to make incredible pizzas in your backyard. Invite friends over, set out a buffet of toppings, and let everyone create their own pizza. Tabletop ovens can bake a pizza in a few minutes so that you can feed a whole group quickly and easily.

Buy an Umbrella to Improve the Deck

If your patio gets too much sun, putting up a patio umbrella is an easy, affordable way to create shade. There are large umbrellas designed to shade a small area. Or, purchase tabletop umbrellas for your patio dining tables.

Replace the Furniture Cushions

If your patio furniture looks old and worn, replace the cushions and pillows. Buying cushions and pillows in a bright color can transform the look of your outdoor living space. If you’re ambitious, add an outdoor rug to match the patio furniture cushions.

Improve the Deck: Plant an Herb Garden

Potted herbs add greenery to outdoor spaces and provide delicious seasonings for your food. Oregano and parsley grow well in partial shade. Basil and rosemary do best in full sun, but they will thrive in pots or planters, making them a good choice for a patio herb garden.

Buy a cherry tomato or strawberry plant to take patio or deck gardening to the next level. Both grow well in planters, and you can buy them pre-potted at most garden stores. Your family will appreciate fresh produce from the patio garden.

These deck and patio ideas will make your outdoor living area more enjoyable this summer. You’ll create a relaxing and personalized oasis in your backyard.

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