6 Benefits of an Inspection on New Construction

When you buy a newly built home, you want the building to be in perfect condition, without issues or flaws. Unfortunately, problems may happen during construction that are only discovered after moving into the property. Before your final walkthrough with the builder, order an inspection on new construction to find any issues first.

1. An Inspection on New Construction Will Uncover Hidden Issues

The main reason you should schedule a home inspection on new construction is that a professional inspector will detail any issues found in the inspection report. Whether there’s a problem with the electrical, plumbing, or the roof, you’ll know about it with an inspection. Just because the materials are new doesn’t mean that the home is flawless.

2. Save Money with a New Home Construction Inspection

Although it will cost money to hire an inspector to take a close look at your new home, it can save you money over time. If your inspector finds issues or repairs that are needed, you can ask the builder to correct the problems before you move in. Protect your investment by delaying closing on the home until all minor touch-ups or repairs are completed.

3. Resale Value

You are probably not thinking about selling the house before you even move in, but there will come a time when the condition of the property affects the sale of the home. The future buyer will likely order an inspection, at which time defects with the original construction may be discovered.

When you have an inspection on new construction completed, you can request that the builder fixes the issues at that time so you’ll not be responsible for them in the future.

4. Beyond Building Codes

A new home construction inspection is different from municipal building inspections. The building codes are minimum standards required for safe occupancy, which means that the house still may not be in the condition that you expect. A complete home inspection is a more thorough assessment of the property.

5. Protect Your Family with an Inspection on New Construction

Getting a new home construction inspection is important because it offers peace of mind that you’re protecting your family from issues that threaten their health and safety. There may be a gas leak on the property or even mold in the crawlspace. With an inspection, you’ll know that the house is habitable and a safe place to live before you move in.

6. Maintenance Costs

The quality of the initial construction determines what you’ll spend in the future to maintain the home. Homes require ongoing maintenance as the materials wear and age. With a new home inspection, you’ll save on maintenance costs by verifying that everything is in excellent condition from the original build so you’ll not have construction-related future expenses.

Though you’re eager to move into your new home, it’s important to first hire a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the property. By identifying any issues early and having them corrected, you’ll move in with confidence that your house is in great shape.

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