A small bathroom can feel cramped and confining, especially when you have insufficient storage or a space that is not well-designed. Thankfully, there are many simple ways to make a bathroom seem larger without completely renovating the room. Here are a few tips to make a bathroom feel more spacious.

Install a Glass Shower to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

Shower curtains visually divide the bathroom, creating the feeling of a smaller space. Instead of using a curtain, install a glass door that lets you see through to the back walls, making the room seem larger without adding square footage. Additionally, a glass door allows more light into the shower. A custom glass shower enclosure is another great idea to fit almost any interior design style.

Use White-on-White Throughout the Space

Dark colors absorb color and make a room seem smaller. White reflects light to make any space look bigger. When you want to help the bathroom feel more spacious, use white throughout the room. Paint the walls white, choose white tiles, install a white countertop, and use white for towels and décor.

Choose New Light Fixtures

Well-lit rooms feel more expansive than rooms that are dark and dim. To make a bathroom look larger, rely on various types of fixtures to introduce more light. Vanity lighting, wall sconces, overhead lighting, lamps, and natural light are options to make your bathroom attractive and functional. If you have windows in your bathroom and are concerned about privacy, remove heavy curtains and use tinted film to allow light through while maintaining privacy.

Add Mirrors to Make the Bathroom Look More Spacious

Mirrors are an excellent visual device to expand a room without adding square footage. They reflect the light to make a space feel larger. Most homeowners have mirrors over the vanity or sink, but you might also install one on the back of the door or the walls. Choose mirrors with ornate frames and exciting accents to add visual interest to the room.

Use Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide into the wall instead of opening and closing like traditional doors. Because they recess into a pocket, they make your bathroom look larger and provide more space. You won’t have to deal with a partially open door taking up space in the bathroom or the hallway.

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