Property condition plays an important role when selling your home. Buyers want to purchase a property that is well-maintained and free of major defects. When problems are identified, buyers use that as a reason to negotiate for financial compensation or for a reduction in the sales price. Order a pre-listing home inspection to better understand the actual condition of your home before listing your property for sale.

Using Information from a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Most sellers research the market to learn about competing properties in the area. While it’s easy to focus on aesthetics and price per square foot, other factors should be considered to make a thorough comparison. These are the ways you can use a pre-listing home inspection at the beginning of the sales process.

1. Uncover Hidden Issues

Property condition is more than just exterior aesthetics. Issues or defects with your home may not be obvious to you, but a buyer’s home inspection will reveal them. In order to know about problems before a buyer does, request a pre-listing home inspection so you know of any problems prior to placing your home on the market.

2. Prepare Your Property to List for Sale

Some issues identified in a property inspection may be serious enough that they could deter buyers from making a purchase. Buyers sometimes walk away from a home that has foundation problems, significant water damage, or mold issues. When you understand the true condition of your home, you’re able to correct any issues or else adjust your sale price to allow for repairs.

3. Understand the Financial Possibilities

Buyers generally understand that a home will have some wear and tear. However, serious or expensive defects are concerning to a potential homebuyer. Problems may not be serious enough to cause a cancellation of a contract, however, the buyer can choose to negotiate for financial compensation or for the repairs to be performed before closing. By ordering a pre-listing home inspection, you plan for the possibility of negotiation and prepare your finances ahead of time.

4. Save Time With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Once a buyer has contracted for the purchase or your house, you want to proceed through the next steps of the sales process. Property condition issues identified in a buyer’s inspection report often lead to price negotiations and require more time before closing for repairs to be made. When the property is in excellent condition upfront, you avoid unnecessary delays.

A pre-listing home inspection provides details about the condition of the seller’s property. Knowing about any issues upfront allows time to better prepare your home for sale.

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