Mold in the home can be a serious problem. Indoor mold infestations are known to cause allergies and other health issues. If you let a mold problem in your home go unchecked, it could end up damaging the structure of your home and affecting your list price should you wish to put your home on the market. Take some simple steps to prevent mold in the home and keep your home mold-free.

1. Look for and Repair Plumbing Leaks to Prevent Mold in the Home

Mold grows in damp environments, so it’s important to keep your house dry. When a plumbing leak goes unnoticed, it can result in a mold problem. Be observant of possible leaks in the home. Check for moisture in cabinets underneath sinks and around appliances that use water. If you notice and fix plumbing leaks early, you are more likely to prevent mold in the home.

2. Turn On Ventilation Fans

Warm air and moisture often go together. Activities that create heat like cooking and showering also increase the humidity in the air. A simple way to cut back the water particles in the air is to turn on the ventilation fans in the bathroom and the kitchen while you are using these rooms.

3. Use a Dehumidifier in Problem Areas

Perhaps there are no ventilation fans installed in the kitchen or bathroom, or you have other areas of the house with high humidity. A simple and relatively inexpensive solution is to purchase standalone dehumidifiers for these areas and always keep them running. A dehumidifier captures water particles from the air and condenses them into a container that can be emptied. It will be your best friend when battling mold growth in problem areas.

4. Be Vigilant About Cleaning to Prevent Mold in the Home

Even if you use all of the above tips, it can still be difficult to eliminate all mold growth in the home. Another line of defense includes frequent and vigilant cleaning with products that inhibit mold. This way, if a few mold spores pop up on a surface like a shower wall, they are quickly eliminated before they can spread.

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