Moving to a new house requires a lot of organization and effort. One of the steps you don’t want to overlook is getting the power turned on at your home. Let’s look at how to set up utilities in your new place. Start this process at least three weeks before you move to guarantee everything is ready once you’re in your new place.

The process varies based on the type of utility. You’ll want to set up electricity, gas, water and sewer, trash, cable, and internet ahead of your move. If you’re renting and not sure which utilities you are responsible for, ask your landlord.

What Companies Will Provide Your Service

The first thing to determine is which providers you’ll be using. Some utility providers only serve certain regions. This means the companies you used in your old place might not be available at your new one.

If you are moving into a home you bought, you can find out which providers offer services to your new address on your city’s official website. If you’re renting, you may have options for your internet and cable providers, but often the utility provider for electricity, water, gas, and trash is determined by your landlord.

Contact Selected Companies to Set Up Utilities

Once you’ve determined which companies you’ll use, contact them as soon as possible to set up utilities. Ask if you can transfer services from your old home to the new one or if you need to cancel the old services and set up a new account.

Your utility provider’s website likely has helpful information to cancel or set up services, and you may even be able to complete the request online. Call a representative if you have any unanswered questions.

Confirm the Utilities Have Been Turned On

After you’ve established your account, ask for a date when you can expect services to be turned on. If you had to cancel utilities at your old place, verify with your landlord or check your account online to make sure the shutoff has been processed. Some utility companies will charge transfer and processing fees to modify or cancel the service, so be sure to budget for those.

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