An important part of keeping your house in great shape is looking for early signs of issues with your home. The structure of the property provides support and protection to the other components of the building. Here are a few signs of structural problems in a home.

Common Signs of Structural Problems

Door and Window Issues

Smaller signs of structural problems can be easily overlooked, however, problems with doors and windows are usually more obvious. If your windows jam or doors refuse to latch, this can indicate your home has shifted or settled. Have the foundation and structure examined by a professional who can identify potential issues.

Wall Cracks are Signs of Structural Problems

Cracks in the drywall and ceilings are another sign that something isn’t quite right. It’s normal for older homes to have some blemishes. It’s likely they have already been patched and the foundation has settled firmly since the home’s construction. However, if new cracks appear or old ones grow bigger, this is a sign there are structural problems.

Especially concerning are sudden cracks in windows. Glass will break when undue pressure is put on it from a home’s structural failure. If you’ve ruled out impact or other causes, call a professional to check your home for structural and foundation problems.

Puddles Around the Exterior of the Home

If puddles are forming where they didn’t before, especially close to exterior walls, you may have a problem. Water puddling is a sign of soil shifting by natural erosion, animals tunneling too close to the foundation, sinkholes, a broken water line, or tree root growth. Any of these could lead to structural problems and should be inspected before they worsen and cause significant damage.

Electrical Issues

Flickering lights can be an indicator of electrical issues or of structural problems. When a home’s foundation shifts, wires inside walls may become twisted, broken, or pulled from their connectors. These issues may be attributed to the home’s electrical system rather than seen as signs of structural problems. Have a professional inspect and troubleshoot electrical issues to determine the cause and make necessary repairs.

Shifts in the Flooring

You can do a simple marble test by placing a heavy ball or marble on the floor and watching to see if it rolls away. Use a level to check the flooring for tilt or hire a professional to come and assess your home. Many foundation repair companies offer free inspections and if your house is structurally unsound, they’ll be able to give you a quote for repairs.

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