Owning a home is empowering and rewarding. However, you’re now responsible for maintenance. From keeping the heating system and home appliances running effectively to taking care of your yard through the seasons, tools make your job easier. Here are 8 basic tools every homeowner should have.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have Include a Tape Measure

You’ll use this tool often. Purchase a tape measure that’s at least 25 feet long and durable. You can get a digital tape measure for quicker readings.

Claw Hammer

As a homeowner, you’ll need a quality hammer. One side of this tool is for installing nails while the other is like a claw, made for pulling nails from surfaces. Get one with a rubber or vinyl grip so you have a comfortable handle with more shock absorption.

Manual Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

A screwdriver set is useful in any home and will come in handy for anything from replacing batteries in the remote control to assembling furniture. Get a set that has both Phillip’s and flathead tips in a variety of sizes.

A Level

A level is a simple tool that will be a great help when hanging artwork or to determine if new flooring has been laid evenly. Make sure shelving is straight and the deck is flat when you use a level during installation.


Pliers are useful tools to have in your toolbox. Get an adjustable pair that’s good for cutting wires and one for gripping things that larger tools can’t.

Allen Wrench

Allen wrenches, also called hex keys, are used to install bolts with hexagonal sockets, most often used when assembling furniture. You’ll want to have a set of assorted Allen wrenches in your toolbox for a variety of tasks.

A Stepladder

Stepladders have many uses, other than helping you reach the dishes in the uppermost cabinets. Use a stepladder when dusting high places, changing a light bulb, and when embarking on home improvement projects, like installing crown molding or painting the ceiling.

Cordless Drill

You’ll find a cordless drill is more convenient than a corded one and is worth the money to not be limited in using your drill only within the range of an outlet. Use your drill to hang pictures, make holes for doorknobs, build a new bookcase, or hang a new spice rack.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

These eight tools are a great start to a well-stocked toolbox. Having the proper tools will help you save money as you can do some home renovation projects yourself. However, you will want to purchase a complete toolset if you plan on tackling more than just routine maintenance.

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