It is important to keep the trees around your home well cared-for, as they provide many benefits. Trees are attractive and can boost property value. However, there may come a time when basic maintenance will not suffice and tree removal is necessary.

3 Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

1) Is the Tree Healthy?

As part of tree maintenance, hire a professional to assess the health of your trees. If a tree is diseased or dying, it is best to remove it sooner rather than later. This will help prevent the disease from spreading to other trees on your property.

2) Does the Tree Pose a Danger?

If a tree is damaged or poses a danger to people or property, it should be removed. For example, if a tree has been struck by lightning and has a split trunk, it should be removed as soon as possible. Trees that are leaning towards your home or a neighbor’s home also pose a threat.

3) Is the Tree Causing Damage to Your Property?

If a tree is causing damage to your home or other structures, you may need to remove it. Some examples of tree damage include branches overhanging and/or colliding with the gutters or roofing shingles, roots buckling sidewalks or patios, and bark chips from the tree blocking drain spouts.

Basic home maintenance calls for regularly cleaning the gutters and pruning branches to prevent some of these issues. If they continue to occur, the best course of action may be removing the offending tree.

If You’ve Decided on Tree Removal

Contact local authorities for advice on how to dispose of the tree waste. This varies depending on where you live. Some municipalities allow residents to drop off yard waste for composting or recycling at certain times of the year. In contrast, others require residents to pay a company to remove the yard debris.

If transporting large pieces of wood is impractical due to distance or logistics, have the tree removed by a professional service. If you plan to hire someone for tree removal, ask them about their experience with trees similar to yours and confirm that they are licensed and insured against damages they may cause during the process.

Hire a Pro for Tree Removal

Tree removal is dangerous. It is best left to a trained professional. Trees add value to a property, so when one needs to be removed, it can affect the overall value of your home. A professional arborist will know how to remove a tree without harming surrounding vegetation or other structures on your property. A professional will also have the equipment and relevant training to safely remove any tree near your home.

Trees can pose a danger to both people and property, so it’s important to act quickly when one needs to be removed. An arborist will give their expert opinion on whether the tree needs to be taken down or simply pruned so that it does not pose a threat. Tree removal costs vary depending on the size of the tree and the scope of work needed to complete the job safely and effectively.

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