If you want to paint the exterior of your home, get ready for a challenge. With the right tools and patience, homeowners can paint their homes without spending a fortune. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your new coat of paint looks great.

Paint the Exterior of Your Home: Choose the Right Paint

Exterior paint is noticeably different from interior paint and other paint cans you might have in the garage. When you paint the exterior of your home, choose oil-based exterior paint or water-based latex exterior paint. Water-based latex paint is generally the easiest to apply. However, oil-based paint lasts longer. 

Prepare the Exterior First 

Preparation is critical when you paint your home. Pressure washers are an efficient way to remove years of dirt and debris on the outside of the house. Work from top to bottom and check the manual to ensure you use the proper pressure setting before starting. Wash the exterior the day before to give everything a chance to dry before painting.

Paint the Exterior of Your Home: Protect Fixtures and Windows

In the same way that you cover up windows and trim before painting the walls inside of the house, cover light fixtures, windows, and doorways before you paint the exterior of your home. Use plastic sheeting or trash bags taped around fixtures to protect them from paint splatters. Cover the trim with painter’s tape.

Start With Primer

Primer is an excellent way to help protect the exterior of your home, and it’s necessary if you want to paint the exterior a lighter color than it is now. While some homeowners look to use a paint sprayer for primer application, it is better applied by hand due to the primer’s thick nature. If you must use a sprayer for time reasons, thin the primer before application and use more than one coat.

Choose the Best Tools and Take Your Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make as they paint the exterior of their home is rushing the process. Take your time and use short strokes. Always allow each coat of paint to dry before adding another. When picking tools, use a combination of paint rollers and brushes. Rollers are best for large, flat areas, while paintbrushes are critical for cutting in around windows and other trim.

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