3 Types of Flooring Materials

Many people choose new flooring based on the aesthetics of the materials. When trying to make a decision on installing new carpet, wood, or tile, there are other important factors to consider. Let’s look at some pros and cons of common types of flooring materials to help you make an informed choice.

Hardwood Types of Flooring Materials

Hardwood flooring is made from various wood types, including cedar, oak, and maple. Hardwood is readily available and you’ll find it in a wide range of colors and finishes.


Hardwood flooring is incredibly durable and can last for decades with proper care. It offers a clean, natural look. Maintenance typically consists of sweeping or vacuuming to remove dust, then buffing the floors with a polish or wax treatment. Hardwood is attractive and adds value to your home. Because there are many types of wooden flooring available, it’s easy to find something that matches your taste and décor.


If you are looking for a quieter surface, hardwood flooring will not reduce noise. Maintaining the finish in areas with heavy foot traffic can be difficult. The transition to other rooms can present some challenges as the flooring material changes. Hardwood is expensive and it’s recommended that you hire a professional to install this type of flooring.

Carpet for the Floors in Your Home

Carpet is soft and warm underfoot and offers noise reduction in a home. Its sound-baffling qualities are especially good for upper floors. Carpeting is comfortable and helps a room feel cozy and comfortable. There are numerous styles, patterns, and colors available to match any décor.


Carpeting provides padding and insulation. It’s quieter than hardwood or tile and perfect for areas like bedrooms and family rooms. There are a wide variety of styles available, making it easy to find something that complements a home’s décor and your lifestyle.


Carpeting gets dirty over time, resulting in a less vibrant appearance and requiring frequent cleaning. It can be challenging to keep carpets clean in high traffic areas and it’s recommended that you hire a professional cleaning service yearly.

There are areas of the home where carpeting is not an option, like kitchens or bathrooms. Carpets trap dust, pet dander, mold, and other allergens. If you have allergy sufferers in your home, carpeting can worsen symptoms.

Tile Flooring

Tile is available in many styles, colors, and finishes. Tile is made from natural materials, which provide a unique look you won’t find with other flooring materials. For the best results, choose a product that coordinates with your home’s style and color palette.


Tile flooring offers a luxurious look that’s easy to keep clean. It is stain-resistant and can last for decades in high traffic areas where durability is needed. You’ll find plenty of options such as porcelain, ceramic, and slate tiles.


Tile flooring is cold underfoot. It can also be slippery when wet, which might lead to an accident. For DIYers, tile is more challenging to work with, compared to carpeting or hardwood flooring. It is best to hire a professional for installation. If a tile cracks or chips, it can be difficult to find a matching tile for the replacement.

Flooring materials set the tone of your living spaces. When it’s time to shop for flooring, knowing the pros and cons of each type helps you make the best decision based on your style and budget.

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