There are plenty of ways to prep your home for a smooth sale. Every home is different, so one of the best tools you can employ is a pre-listing home inspection. Here are some of the best things to fix before selling your home.

Fix Flooring When Selling Your Home

Worn and outdated flooring can make a potential buyer lose interest when touring a home. Stained carpeting or old linoleum that is peeling around the edges won’t give buyers confidence in the rest of the home’s condition. Old flooring emphasizes the age of the home and can even make a home appear older than it is.

Replacing flooring doesn’t need to be labor-intensive or expensive. Today, you can find vinyl planks that mimic hardwood but are much cheaper and easier to install. They are also waterproof, so you can use them in any room. Before putting your home on the market, replace worn-out flooring materials.

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage will scare away most buyers. If signs of water damage are visible on the initial tour, this sends up a big red flag. There may not be a current leak, but if you have water stains on the walls and ceilings from a previous problem, fix them before listing the home.

First, make sure the leak is not active and make any needed repairs. Clean the stain with bleach to remove any mold growth before covering stains with an oil-based, mold-resistant primer. If you use a water-based primer, the water stain can bleed through. Lastly, cover the primed area with water-based or oil-based interior paint.

Fix Torn Screens When Selling Your Home

A small issue like a torn screen may not seem like a big deal, but it gives an impression that the home is run down. Screens are easy and inexpensive to fix with a repair kit from a hardware store. Make these repairs, along with addressing other visible but simple issues.

Upgrade the Kitchen

A total kitchen remodel will rarely pay off when selling your home, but a few upgrades will. Each kitchen is different, so pinpoint your kitchen’s weaknesses and start there. Perhaps the appliances are outdated, the cabinets look dingy, or your hardware and fixtures are dated. Choose one or two areas to focus on when upgrading the kitchen.

Pet Damage

Animals in your home can cause some cosmetic damage, like scratches on doors or stained carpets. Fix any of these issues before selling your home. No one wants to inherit the damage that your pets made.

Revive the Lawn

A dead and barren lawn is a deterrent to homebuyers, especially if they are touring homes during spring, summer, or fall. Give your lawn some care to help it sprout green grass before listing it on the market. Curb appeal has a significant impact on how quickly your house sells.

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