Sources of Home Water Damage

Home water damage can originate from a few different sources. The most common sources of water intrusion are through the roof, through the foundation, and through the plumbing pipes. Flooding may also occur as a result of a natural disaster or a deficiency in the home. Water damage causes problems like rotting structural beams and mold growth. Learn more about water damage so that you know what to look for and how to prevent it.

Home Water Damage Might Be Hidden

Water is essential for drinking and daily conveniences, but it is destructive when it gets into parts of the home where it shouldn’t be. One of the hardest areas to spot water damage is within the walls.

Plumbing pipes run behind drywall, and if there is a leak in the piping, it can go undetected until the area is saturated enough to show as a discolored area on the wall. When water comes in contact with framing materials, it can cause mold and compromise the structural integrity of the home. Seemingly insignificant signs can point to leaking pipes behind walls, like peeling or bubbling paint or stains.

How to Prevent Water Damage From the Roof

There is a lot of maintenance to stay on top of to prevent home water damage. To prevent water intrusion from the roof, inspect the roof regularly, and fix any problems promptly. Look in the attic for stains on the wood and wet areas on surfaces and insulation. Enter the attic on a sunny day and look to see if sunlight is coming through any of the roof boards. If sunlight can enter, so can rain.

Waterproofing the Foundation

Water can enter through the foundation and cause problems in the basement or crawlspace. Prevent this by sealing gaps and cracks to waterproof the foundation.

Proper grading of the ground around the foundation is also instrumental in preventing water damage. The land should slope away from the foundation so that water doesn’t collect next to it. Keeping the gutters clear and the downspout extenders away from the house will also help protect the foundation from water damage.

Prevent Plumbing Leaks

Plumbing leaks, either from pipes or appliances, also cause water damage. Pay attention to any strange symptoms in your plumbing system and have them checked out by a certified plumber. They could point to something more serious that is causing water damage behind the scenes. Have your water heater serviced once per year. A failing water heater can leak and regular inspections can reduce this risk.

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